Without silicone, without synthetic fragrances and dyes, without mineral oil and microplastics, cruelty-free, dermatologically tested, 100% natural ingredients.

For sensitive scalps with a tendency to dandruff. Pine heartwood and nettle extract strengthens the scalp when used regularly. Reduces itching and flaking. Mild sugar surfactants clean the scalp and hair particularly gently. The moisture balance is regulated. 

Application: Distribute evenly in damp hair, massage in gently, rinse, and repeat if necessary.

Contents: 250 ml

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Everybody knows him. More and more live him. And if you have tried it yourself, sooner or later you will love it…

Choosing a vegan lifestyle changes everything: not just what we eat and what clothes we wear on our skin, but also the way we care for our bodies and hair.

As one of the first, exclusive 100% organic product ranges for premium salons, the Pure Performance Hair Care line from MARC WEISS PARIS meets the highest demands on deeply effective luxury hair care and meets all the standards of a vegan lifestyle.

What began as a lifestyle trend up to a few years ago has developed into the credo of a global, dynamically growing community that completely dispenses with any products of animal origin. Because whoever chooses the path of a healthy and balanced vegan lifestyle, makes the conscious decision to give your body only what it really needs and to protect it from things that harm it unnecessarily.

The beauty industry has long recognized the enormous market potential of the new vegan “healthy mindset” movement and is increasingly developing sustainable and environmentally conscious products that do not contain any animal ingredients or animal testing. A development that consumers nowadays not only expect from a contemporary, responsible cosmetics manufacturer, but for which they are also prepared to pay a higher price without hesitation.

With its Pure Performance Hair Care Line, MARC WEISS Paris is responding to the new zeitgeist and the increasing demand from customers for vegan, sophisticated haircare treatments and top-class styling products in the salon.


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