Protects the hair from humidity and frizz.

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Flawless couture styling.

Contains: 300 ml

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Fast acting ammonia free bleaching powder, enriched with dairy proteins and cotton oil.

Recommended for natural or colored hair. Daily proteins contribute to maintaining the hair hydrated and protected.

Cotton oil has a protective anti-age and anti-oxidant action. Easy to mix and apply. Without lumps; it does not leak or swell. No-dust rose scented powder.

Mixing and application: 1 measuring cup (30 g) of NO-AMO can be mixed with 30 to 60 ml of Marc Weiss Paris Smooth Peroxide 10 VOL (3%); 20 VOL (6%) or max. 30 VOL (9%). Always mix in a non-metallic bowl. Do not exeed developing time and frequently check the process until reaching the desired level, then rinse abundantly and wash with Marc Weiss Paris Color Protect Shampoo and Marc Weiss Paris Color Protect Conditioner. Carefully close the pack after use and store in a cool and dry place, away from heat. 

Contains: 500g


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