MarcWeiss Permanent Hair Color – 3/0-3-N Dark Brown


Keratin- In hair care, keratin is used as a premium quality ingredient that strengthens and rebuilds the hair from the inside. Keratin helps restoring the health of the hair structure, smoothing and replenishing coarse and porous hair. The hair becomes smoother, shinier, and easier to style. With MARC WEISS, keratin penetrates the hair during the coloring process and adheres to the hair together with the color. The structure of the hair is restored or preserved. Keratin constitutes up to 90% of each strand of hair.

Argan oil is one of the most expensive oils in the world as a result of its special properties and its combination of ingredients. The expensive and exclusive argan oil originates from Morocco. It is obtained from the seeds or nuts of the argan fruit, grown on the namesake tree. It contains nourishing vitamin E and a special compound of phytosterols that stimulates cell, therefore encouraging the hair growth. It provides incredible shine.

Rice extract – Rice, the beauty genius – versatile and talented – is rich in minerals and peptides and adds moisture to the hair.

Wheat protein – Made up of amino acids similar to the natural keratin in hair. This is then deposited on the cuticle layer and forms a protective film. Hair becomes smoother and more manageable.

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Color consists of plant-derived fatty alcohols, emulsifiers, and plant-derived fatty acids.

Natural lanolin protects the hair from drying out and argan oil locks in moisture, making the hair smooth, voluminous, soft, and glossy.

Citric acid provides the hair with natural vitamin C. Ingredients derived from animals are limited to a total of 3%.

Our high-quality ingredients in combination with our multi-pigment-complex system makes our color irreplaceable for our customers.

No matter whether you or your colleagues prefer a number or letter based system, with MARC WEISS color you have the choice and can always prepare your formulation with certainty. The
MARC WEISS color chart is easy to read. The base tones are on the left and the respective fashion tone is placed to the right of the base color. So if you want a gold medium blonde, then you want to go to the gold category base on medium blonde and select 7–4 (or 7/3). It’s as easy as that!

• Perfectly selected harmonious color precursors for precise shading with the MARC WEISS multi-pigment-complex-system
• All colors are free from p-phenylenediamine
• Red tones with coloring agent P5 (pyrazole sulfate) for flawless radiant shine and enhanced durability
• All colors can be mixed interchangeably with one another Exception: V-V Violet from the Code Red series

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