Scent: The pleasantly reduced scent of aloe vera and phanthenol is combined with a refreshing scent of orange blossom.

Contents: 200 ml / 6.8 oz

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Beauty care for your hair. With natural aloe vera. An ideal moisturizing detangling conditioner. Perfect for optimal detangling with a light 2-phase formula. It is a spray care product for colored hair and also damaged, dry hair. The white phase of the 2-phase spray nourishes and protects the outer part of the hair, closes the cuticle and thus makes every coloration more durable. The blue phase works inside the hair and revitalizes it. Moisturizes and repairs every hair fiber. The hair becomes elastic and shiny. Since Double Impact is not rinsed out, it stabilizes your hair color and red and fashion tones in particular remain stable.

Application: Shake before use. After shampooing, the 2-phase spray is sprayed into towel-dried hair and then combed through. Remains in the hair, is not rinsed out.


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