This is how our love story begins. A city from which we draw our inspiration, our style, our passion, for making statements. Where unconditional and euphoric passion is deeply embedded – just like the beginning of any unforgettable and thrilling love affair. Yes, that one true love: utter devotion to hair and beauty. MARCWEISS Paris.

In the same way that our high-performance products exude sophistication and luxury, the environment in which they are displayed bosts exclusivity. This is why beauty retailers offer an ideal environment for the brand. Only the finest retailers have been selected to promote the MARCWEISS philosophy, to transport their customers to a unique world of beauty and luxury in a totally new and utterly natural way within the beauty retailer segment. 


The Weiss family has lived in Miami for more than 30 years – amidst the beauty of white, sandy beaches and crystal-clear water and surrounded by luxury, the jet set, and glamor. And, right here in South Beach, an idea was born and the beauty label MARCWEISS COSMETICS was created.

After several decades of experience in the beauty business, Olya and Axel Weiss wanted to create a range of cosmetics that would be suitable for the climatic conditions and meet international standards. At the time, none of the many luxury products on the market had succeeded in fully convincing Olya Weiss of their effectiveness even under extreme conditions. As the Miami lifestyle also includes some 300 days of sunshine in the year, which can be stressful for the skin, the requirements of her own range of cosmetics were high: the care products had to be based on the best, preferably natural, ingredients and deliver first-class results for the skin through the use of exclusive antiaging combinations of active ingredients – reliably under extreme conditions such as hot and dry weather, the cold, and urban air pollution. In addition, the products had be manufactured in Germany as the requirements for ingredients are so much stricter there than elsewhere. High-performance skin care offering maximum effectiveness that every woman worldwide can see and feel!

The creation of this cosmetics line, the CAVIAR & CHAMPAGNE COLLECTION, at the same time brought MARCWEISS COSMETICS into being. During the creation of this cosmetic innovation, it became clear that it would become more than just one range of products: the family-owned Weiss company wanted to offer first-class products for all the beauty needs of both women and men! Olya and Axel Weiss always compare the intensive time they devoted to their label in all its development and growth stages, and still do, to lovingly raising a child. As a result, it was a logical step to name the label after their son Marc – who in a few years’ time would take the reins of the company as the third generation – and thereby emphasize the bond between family and company more closely and personally. A story of love that customers will find reflected in every detail of the brand. We would like you to join us in experiencing the joy and love of our beauty label MARCWEISS COSMETICS!

Yours, The Weiss Family